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Cattle Farm HNW


Investment Information
Amount ₦500,000
Available Quantity 98
Return 38%
Period 12 Months
Location Oyo State

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Price: N500,000

ROI: 38%

Duration: 12 Months

Location: Oyo State

The cattle fattening enterprise represents an important component of the agribusiness sector of the economy with great economic, income, poverty reduction, and social implications. Cattle fattening for beef production have become an important business for farmers, especially in Nigeria, therefore, making it a profitable and flexible enterprise. Cattle fattening is a system of finishing cattle in order for them to meet the market requirements, the cattle are hereby placed on a strictly regulated diet for the space of 90 days whereby high energy based nutritious diet is introduced.

Thus, it is believed that an increase in the scale of production could accelerate the phase of the economic development of the nation. Farmcenta is creating employment opportunities, increasing economic growth, and income. Also, to promote the production of healthy and quality beef for consumption.

Currently, our cattle ranch in Fiditi, Oyo State, sits on over 30 acres of land with 10 pens housing 50 bulls each with a target to fatten a minimum of 500 bulls every quarter before selling off to beef processing companies and other off-takers. We are scaling-up our operations as we are working with a new target which is to fatten a minimum of 1,000 bulls every quarter as opposed to the current 500 bulls being fattened.

This will help to strengthen the beef production sector; whereby healthy and quality beef will be available and this will considerably affect the quality of food consumed by Nigerians. We can cover larger markets, with exportation in view.

2 Units and above gives you a 40% ROI in 12 -Months, while 24 Months gives you a 45% ROI per annum.

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