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Oil Palm Chain


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Investment Information
Amount ₦100,000
Available Quantity 0
Return 27%
Period 9 Months
Location Bayelsa State

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Product Details

Product: Oil Palm Chain

Price: N100, 000

ROI: 27%

Duration: 9 Months


The oil palm tree is predominantly found in Africa and it is one of the cash crops that has contributed significantly to the growth of the Nigerian economy. It bears fruits that can be harvested all year-round.

Because of its economic importance as a high-yielding source of edible and technical oils, the oil palm is now grown as a plantation crop in most countries in tropical climates. The oil palm requires less fertilizer and energy to grow and in terms of oil yield, no other crop meets up to the oil palm. One hectare of oil palm yields more than 3 tons of oil.

At Farmcenta, we are actively involved in the aggregation of the oil palm fruit from farms across the major oil-producing states in Nigeria- Edo, and Bayelsa. The fruits are processed into three major sub-products which are Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, and Palm Kernel Nut. These sub-products are then supplied to industries that require them for their daily processes.

In the past year, we supplied these products to soap manufacturing industries as well as food industries. These 3 products are constantly in high demand because of their versatility. Palm oil and palm kernel oil-based ingredients are found in approximately 50% of products in supermarkets, including food and non-food items.

Farmcenta is contributing to the growth of the economy by trading these highly useful products. Due to the lucrative nature of this venture, you get 27% ROI when you invest in 1 unit with 100,000. Investing in 10 units and above gives you a 30% ROI.


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